Enjoy a walk around the beautiful church grounds while searching for clues in our outdoor scavenger hunt.


Fun for all ages!

Directions: Print out a puzzle sheet from one of the links below, and bring it to the church. Hidden outside on the church grounds are painted rocks, each containing a number and a letter. Fill in the letters you find that correspond to the numbered blanks of the puzzle sheet to spell out an inspiring message.


All the rocks needed for all of the puzzles are hidden outside on the church grounds, in the areas next to the church. To keep things safe for our littlest sleuths, you do not need to cross the driveway or go near the street to find any of the rocks. However, the challenge is that not all the rocks are used in all the puzzles. In other words, you might find a rock with a number that is not on the puzzle sheet you are using. If that happens, just ignore that rock and move on! Feel free to enjoy the hunt at any time! But please do not move the rocks so that they can be enjoyed by all who come.

October 2020 Scavenger Hunt Form

September 2020 Scavenger Hunt Form

August 2020 Scavenger Hunt Form
July 2020 Scavenger Hunt Form  

April 2021 Scavenger Hunt Form