prayer wall

To be part of a community means we share in and feel each other's joy and pain. 

One of the most powerful things we can do for somebody is to pray. 

When a community prays together, for each other, it deepens our feeling of belonging and unifies us as a body of believers. 

1 Thessalonians 5:11 says, " Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing."

By praying together for our common needs, struggles, and times of celebration, we are able to encourage and support other believers.

It is an opportunity to come together in the spirit of community unity, in a spirit of love and caring for one another, and in the spirit of deep empathy. 


Dear father am suffering from debts and basic needs and worried about my daughters future pls pray for my family in jesus name amen


I need God’s financial provision so that I don’t lose my house in an unwanted divorce. Please pray for God to change Jeff’s heart away from divorce or for me to be able to find a way to qualify to refinance the house on my own. Please pray for Jeff’s salvation. God, I have been faithfully waiting on You. I need Your help!


Prayers for the family of Alex Plushanski who was 97 years old and passed away Dec. 28, 2021 (Millie Pincus' uncle) Requested by Dave & Millie Pincus


please pray for healing for Carmelo who is in desperate need of a miracle and of healing my eight year old nephew Carmelo has an inoperable brain tumour I love Carmelo and Carmelo means everthing to me I believe in miracles and in healing and I believe in the power of miracles healing and prayers please pray for a miracle and for healing for Carmelo and please keep Carmelo in your thoughts and prayers Thanks beloved God bless you 🙏 Carmelo aunty mazza


Please pray that God would give my friend Kaley peace and hope in everything she's dealing with. Pray that she would come to know God's love and that the wrong people in her life would be removed. Finally pray for complete healing.