Small groups

Now more than ever small groups are uniting us as we become a multisite church. Our everchanging world has opened our eyes to new visions of what it means to be the Church. You are the church. Whether you were participating in the traditional sense, by attending in person Worship pre- covid, or are participating with us online from a distance.  We are not restricted to a building we are growing beyond our walls. Small groups allow us to connect both in person and online to bring us together and  transform  our lives.

Start a small group:  We have partnered with Right Now Media to provide you with resources to begin facilitating a small group right away. The great thing about Right Now Media is that they create the content and the study guides. You share the video content with your group, to watch at their discretion, and then facilitate a group discussion either online or in person. Take a look, find a course that fills a need, and invite people in. This is a great way to begin! Contact to begin. 

Join a small group: Find a group and join it! Try an online group, it doesn't even have to be in the same zip code. 

My Covid Life on Facebook is a place for you to share how things have been going with you and your family during COVID-19. Please share thoughts and videos telling how you have been doing.

We are excited to hear each others stories as we have been working through this season in our lives. Here are the 4 key questions that I hope will prompt good conversation:

1 - How have the last few months been for you in the light of Covid?

2 - Have there been times you have felt close to God?

3 - Are there times when you have had to rely on God?

4 - How have all these things helped you grow?

women's bible study

Join a small and informal group of women with diverse backgrounds, who are united in the idea of learning more about the Bible and how it connects with our daily lives. Consider joining us for some stimulating conversation.

Thursday Morning bible study

9:30am- A small group open to anyone who wants to study the Bible and topics related to faith and life

Sunday Online  8pm- Zoom

A Zoom group that meets weekly to discuss issues of faith and life

Pluckemin Church bible study group- facebook

A Facebook group for folks who are looking to take things a little deeper in their faith.  This group engages during particular seasons in the life of the church.