a message about medical equipment ministry opening

We are Called by God to be a hub of caring in our community.  That’s how our Mission statement begins. Over the last few months we have been caring for one another, but in the next few days we are going to see that hub come to life again for our wider community as we re-open the medical equipment ministry.   I am grateful for, and proud of the people I have been working with over the past many weeks as we have planned and discussed how to proceed to open. We have been working hard to put together thoughtful safety measures that allows the ministry open while keeping everyone safe.

I am excited because I know that our communities need has been great during this difficult period and the absence of Medical Equipment Ministry has been difficult. I realize that nearly 300 of you signed up on an email list to receive information and countless callers heard the voice message we were closed.  By now all our phone messages should be switched over to our "open message."
Our opening will be metered and small by comparison to how Medical Equipment Ministry operated in the past. I would like to ask for your grace and patience as we re-open.
Please open and read each of the documents below. They contain vital information about how we will operate and what our expectations are. 

I am grateful for our clients words of inspiration and encouragement. They carry us over any of the obstacles that are placed in front of us. 

Please call Medical Equipment at 908-396-6057 leave a message telling us what you are looking for or what you are donating and we will get back to you.

  • Saturday's 8am -12pm Open for Equipment Pickup By Appointment  Only
  • Thursday's  9am-4pm Open for Equipment Drop Off Only

Stay safe and pray for us as we pray for you.


David Moore
Pluckemin Presbyterian Church


Life takes unexpected turns and at one time or another we find ourselves needing or know someone who needs some piece of medical equipment. Many times it comes as an out of pocket expense that is difficult to afford. The Medical Equipment Ministry is there to help provide what you need at no cost.

Hospital beds, wheelchairs, scooters motorized wheelchairs, crutches, canes, walkers, commodes, lifts, adult diapers, shower seats, bed rails, rolling tables, transport chairs…

The Medical Equipment Ministry was started in 2010. It is a relatively rare Ministry that provides medical equipment upon request to those in need. Surplus medical equipment is donated by those that no longer need it. The Ministry collects these equipment donations and makes them available to those that need help. The equipment is loaned out at no cost, for as long as it is needed, and returned or paid forward when you are done.

To Borrow call the help line


Tell us what you need and a volunteer will get back to you shortly

Growth with gods help

In 2010, it first year, the Medical Equipment Ministry logged 323 calls. The ministry has double in size every two years since then. Taking 1650 calls in 2016 and distributing nearly 1000 pieces of Medical equipment that year.

have something to donate?


A  volunteer will return your call.

Mission statement

We feel called by God to be a hub of caring in the community. We want people to feel and experience the reconciling love of Jesus Christ through our church as we gather and serve together. The Medical Equipment Ministry is a tangible manifestation of our beliefs and commitment to lead a Christian lifestyle. The Ministry will provide an open door and pathway for anyone interested to volunteer their time to serve those in need, and to others desiring to donate new or used medical equipment which can be recycled to provide relief from suffering or overcome limitations, and especially to anyone seeking help and relief.

looking for something rewarding?

How can you help?

  • Volunteer... Take some phone calls, hand out some equipment, take some inventory, receive the gift of gratitude by helping others.
  • Keep your ears and eye open for possible equipment donations
  • Take some Medical Equipment business card and hand them out when you find someone in need.
  • Make a financial contribution to this vital ministry. Donate Here

Or Text your donation to 908-300-5269